Code of Conduct

BiTastic should be a fun, safe and inclusive space for all. We would like everyone to enjoy the day and be clear about what is appropriate behaviour. Therefore when signing in to this event we are all pledging to follow the below Code of Conduct.

Commitment to Respecting Diversity

Two people posing with a guide dog.We aim for BiTastic to be a safer space for all attendees, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof). Everyone is welcome and bigotry will not be tolerated.

Don’t make negative comments or assumptions, or stereotype people on the basis of anything about them, including physical features, disabilities, race, accent, body size, or perceived gender. If you are advised of someone’s pronouns, please try to use them correctly. If you are unsure of the pronoun someone may wish to have used about them, either ask them or avoid referring to them in a gendered way. A person’s own self-identity regarding their gender is the final say on how you should identify them, no matter what they are wearing or what you may perceive them to be.

We welcome people wearing diverse and alternative clothing. However, please avoid wearing extremely revealing clothing. Uniforms are not permitted as these can be triggering to some attendees. Clothes which make fun of other cultures or identities are not permitted.

Please remember that each person is at a different stage of awareness about various issues and do not assume that people are being malicious if something goes wrong. Please correct them or report the issue to the organisers to deal with.

Guidelines for Consent

Everyone at BiTastic has the right to decline to participate in any activity. This includes any kind of touch, participation in any activity or discussion, disclosing any personal information, or discussing any topic. It’s fine to ask once if someone would like to do or talk about something, but should they not wish to participate they should not be asked again. Everyone has the right to leave any workshop, informal chat or activity at any time.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Please respect people’s privacy. Do not take any photos or recordings of people without their express permission. If you believe someone has taken your photo without your permission, you may ask them to delete the image or have someone at the registration desk do it.

Everything shared within workshop rooms (with the exception of information provided by the facilitator) should be treated as completely confidential and not discussed outside of the space (except privately by agreement between those who attended the particular workshop). This includes social media.

Access Requirements

This event is fully wheelchair accessible. We aim to meet all access requirements noted when booking tickets as far as possible. Should there be a queue at registration and you are not able to wait in it, please come directly to the front to the priority chairs and we will register you as soon as possible. Should you need any assistance during the event please contact the registration desk. Anyone is welcome to leave any activity or workshop at any time for any reason.

Under 18s

smiling white girlBiTastic is a family friendly event. The workshop programme is open to all ages except for individual workshops where there may be age restrictions. These will be clearly marked in the programme booklet. During all times parents are responsible for their own children. We will not be providing a children’s play area as no attendees have requested this when asked in the booking form.

Unacompanied 16-18 year olds must have their parents/guardians fill the Parental Consent Form in order to attend the event.

Public Bodies and the media

BiTastic! is a community event. Its primary aim is to provide a safe and fun environment for bisexual people and our allies in the voluntary sector to engage with each other. As many of our delegates have expressed concerns about various public sector services and the media attending this event, we are not inviting Police Scotland, the Home Office, the NHS or media organisations to have stalls or attend the event.  Should you be a bisexual person who happens to work for one of these organisations but would like to attend in your personal capacity please e-mail to ask permission to attend as an individual. Anyone working for Police Scotland, the Home Office, the NHS or the media in their day job will be asked to wear a different coloured name badge so that delegates can make informed choices about who they are engaging with.


There is a a free parking lot on site with around thirty places available, including three disabled spaces. There is also free on street parking.

Support & Feedback

Chibi!CharlieShould you feel that a behaviour breaks this Code of Conduct you may speak to the people involved directly and/ or tell the organisers. We can speak to the person/people involved, even if you haven’t spoken to them about it already. We can communicate that there is a problem with their behaviour, ask for an apology, ask them to leave you alone, or ask them to leave BiTastic!. If you are asked to leave BiTastic! due to your behaviour, you will not receive a refund.

The organisers very much want to know about anything that would make you less likely to attend bi events in future. If anything happens that makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome – even if you don’t want to do anything about it – please let us know.

You can speak to the person on duty at the registration desk or email, or if you do not require a reply from us, by adding a post-it note to the feedback board near the registration desk.


Should you have any questions please feel free to e-mail