Bisexual Pride Flag

Welcome to BiTastic – an annual one-day workshop programme for bi+ people and our allies.

Every year around Bi Visibility Day on 23rd September we work together to celebrate bi and pan identities at an event with a wide range of workshops and fun activities. You don’t have to be bi or pan to attend BiTastic, but we do want to create a “bi bubble” each year where we can share with others like us in a in a safe space. BiTastic is inclusive of all genders.

BiTastic Past and Future

  • In 2015 Equality Network and our partners ran a BiFest in Edinburgh and decided we wanted to run an annual event
  • BiTastic 2016 took place in Glasgow on 3rd December
  • BiTastic 2017 took place in Nairn on 28th October
  • BiTastic 2018 took place in Stirling on 22nd September
  • BiTastic 2019 was our 5th event in Edinburgh on Saturday 28th September
  • We don’t yet know where and when BiTastic 2020 will be – but we will be back, so watch this space!
Illustrative photo of BiTastic 2017 attendees
Attendees at BiTastic 2017