Bisexual Pride Flag

Welcome to BiTastic – an annual one-day workshop programme for bi+ people and our allies.

Every year around Bi Visibility Day on 23rd September we work together to celebrate bi and pan identities at an event with a wide range of workshops and fun activities. You don’t have to be bi or pan to attend BiTastic, but we do want to create a “bi bubble” each year where we can share with others like us in a in a safe space. BiTastic is inclusive of all genders.

BiTastic is postponed until 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing lockdown, we’ve decided that we won’t be running a BiTastic in 2020. Even though we hope that restrictions will start to be eased before our usual dates in September, it is unlikely that it will be possible or advisable to hold large gatherings by then, and events like BiTastic take a lot of planning which is not possible to do right now.

We are very disappointed about this, and know you will be too, especially with there being no UK BiCon this year either, but we need to prioritise everyone’s physical and mental health as far as possible, and feel this is the best way to do that. 

But we are not going away, our team are working from home with the bi community in Scotland and across the UK to help support online content as well as future in-person events. We hope to be able to announce some of that soon, and in the meantime if you are involved with any online events or support services for bi people, do let us know and we will share them on our social media.

Thank you all for your support and understanding, look after yourselves and each other and see you in 2021!

BiTastic Past and Future

  • In 2015 Equality Network and our partners ran a BiFest in Edinburgh and decided we wanted to run an annual event
  • BiTastic 2016 took place in Glasgow on 3rd December
  • BiTastic 2017 took place in Nairn on 28th October
  • BiTastic 2018 took place in Stirling on 22nd September
  • BiTastic 2019 was our 5th event in Edinburgh on Saturday 28th September
Illustrative photo of BiTastic 2017 attendees
Attendees at BiTastic 2017